I have worked for the Wellwise Group for the last 16 months and found them to be the best agency I have ever worked for.

Bernie Murphy
Slickline Supervisor

Wellwise are very quick to respond with any query I may have whether it is invoicing, flight times, location, meet and greet etc etc etc!! I can pick up the phone anytime and get the answer I am looking for.

Gary Duthie
Well Services Supervisor

Wellwise is a part of my life - I have worked with Wellwise since day one and have seen the company grow, as I have grown with them.

Paul Goodwin
Well Test Supervisor

Communication with operational management has become easy with access to them through the most professional, polite and cheery receptionists one possibly could hope to find on the other end of the phone.

Ian Kirkland
Well Test Supervisor

I have worked for the Wellwise Group for the best part of 14 years. I value the support that is always there; I value their friendship and I look forward to the future and what it will offer as Wellwise continues to expand.

Paul A. Goodwin
Well Test Supervisor

One of the main reasons I like working for Wellwise is the support you are given from the office. I receive a full job brief before travelling and they are always on the other end of the phone if you need anything day or night.

Bernard Murphy
Slickline Supervisor

As a consultant to any company, its difficult to grasp the workloads, efforts or agendas of the company, but with Wellwise, one gets the impression of proactivity, not only as a competitor in the agency world but as a company striving for professional respect amongst its clients.

Ian R. Kirkland
Well Test Supervisor

Unlike other agencies we do not post available jobs because of the fast turnover of our business. New jobs are available daily so register with us to ensure you are first to hear of the latest assignments and are ready to travel.

Glenn Durrant
Wellwise Group Operations Manager

I have worked in Africa, Hungary, Poland, Israel, France, Holland, Aberdeen, and locally. These locations provided land work and offshore work, on HPHT gas & oil wells & H2S wells, for a variety of clients including Expro North Sea and Schlumberger.

Mark Cox
Well Test Supervisor

"I have always known about various consultancy agencies (having worked for a Client Company) but Wellwise always stood out."

Melissa Phillip-Sealy
Senior Data Acquisition Engineer

The Wellwise Group Oilfield Competency Scheme

Proven Oilfield Competency is fast becoming a “must have” for everyone working in the Oil and Gas industry, from Engineers and Technicians to Service Supervisors and Equipment Operators. 

Wellwise Group Policy is to ensure all of our mobilised contractors have Competency

Our offering at Wellwise Group is one of total quality, commitment and support to our enrolled candidates. Underpinned by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA), our Competency Award covers multiple service company disciplines, and is tailor-made by a team of people with both technical and administrative knowledge of competency scheme delivery.

View our competency demonstration video on YouTube and see how user friendly our scheme is.

  • Fully interactive Web Based Competency Scheme allowing remote completion
  • Paperless, Digital and Cross Referenced
  • Progress Visibility...simple to follow colour coded traffic light system
  • Full Competency Induction and help notes
  • Mentored and fully supported Competency Scheme
  • Recognised and respected Competency Certificate endorsed by the SQA
  • Exceptional value unrivalled in the industry
  • Employed or Contracting...this scheme is for you!
Why our Web Based Competency Scheme is the best

Our web based Competency Scheme has been developed off the back of our widely accepted and applauded paper portfolios, evolved over a period of years in conjunction with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and our Contractor community.

In essence the original paper systems were heavily dependent upon mass movement of documents via email, post and courier services between competency candidates and our internal assessors. This process whilst functional was somewhat less than user friendly and environmentally undesirable.

Our new web based system is a “step change”; easier to follow for Competency Candidates and allows access to all of our scheme documents across the web without the necessity to carry large volumes of paperwork around the world. All submissions can now be reviewed and overall progress can be monitored online. At a glance, colour coded, status monitoring of your scheme shows which Witness Testimony, Evidence and Question you still have to submit to complete your portfolio!

Competency Scheme

Enroll now

Complete the enrolment form now to become enrolled into our competency scheme. Our internal administration team will assess your application and contact you to finalise details.

Competency Scheme