Welcome to the Wellwise Group

The documents below will assist you when completing your registration with Wellwise.

Should you have any queries about this process please contact the below for help:

T: +44 (0)1603 777980                   

E: admin@wellwisegroup.com   

Contractor and Agency Worker Handbook

Contains important and useful information and guidance about joining and mobilising for Wellwise Group.  Please read this handbook as soon as possible.


Whilst working for WWG you will need to submit the following documents. You may like to print these to take with you on mobilisations in case you will not have web access on location to complete them.

​Appraisal Timesheet Form

​Expense Form

Both of these documents require client approval prior to submitting them to WWG.



The following documents are important information regarding Wellwise Group standards and they must be read before you complete the Signature Page mentioned above.   

​Substance Abuse Policy

​Privacy Policy

​Code of Ethics Policy

​Travel Overseas Risk Assessment

​Medical Emergency Flowchart

​Risk Identification Form

​WWG Organigram


Please see below the full procedure for Medical Emergencies.   Please take a copy with you on a job for reference: