I have worked for the Wellwise Group for the last 16 months and found them to be the best agency I have ever worked for.

Bernie Murphy
Slickline Supervisor

Wellwise are very quick to respond with any query I may have whether it is invoicing, flight times, location, meet and greet etc etc etc!! I can pick up the phone anytime and get the answer I am looking for.

Gary Duthie
Well Services Supervisor

Wellwise is a part of my life - I have worked with Wellwise since day one and have seen the company grow, as I have grown with them.

Paul Goodwin
Well Test Supervisor

Communication with operational management has become easy with access to them through the most professional, polite and cheery receptionists one possibly could hope to find on the other end of the phone.

Ian Kirkland
Well Test Supervisor

I have worked for the Wellwise Group for the best part of 14 years. I value the support that is always there; I value their friendship and I look forward to the future and what it will offer as Wellwise continues to expand.

Paul A. Goodwin
Well Test Supervisor

One of the main reasons I like working for Wellwise is the support you are given from the office. I receive a full job brief before travelling and they are always on the other end of the phone if you need anything day or night.

Bernard Murphy
Slickline Supervisor

As a consultant to any company, its difficult to grasp the workloads, efforts or agendas of the company, but with Wellwise, one gets the impression of proactivity, not only as a competitor in the agency world but as a company striving for professional respect amongst its clients.

Ian R. Kirkland
Well Test Supervisor

Unlike other agencies we do not post available jobs because of the fast turnover of our business. New jobs are available daily so register with us to ensure you are first to hear of the latest assignments and are ready to travel.

Glenn Durrant
Wellwise Group Operations Manager

I have worked in Africa, Hungary, Poland, Israel, France, Holland, Aberdeen, and locally. These locations provided land work and offshore work, on HPHT gas & oil wells & H2S wells, for a variety of clients including Expro North Sea and Schlumberger.

Mark Cox
Well Test Supervisor

"I have always known about various consultancy agencies (having worked for a Client Company) but Wellwise always stood out."

Melissa Phillip-Sealy
Senior Data Acquisition Engineer

Wellwise Contractor on the front line - Georgia

Jun 21, 2013, 10:45 AM
Peter Bewick worked for the Wellwise Group for 10 years.     He lived in Georgia with his family and was caught up in the 2008 troubles.   

Please read below his story.

“I had been working in North Africa and been home about a week when things went from bad to very bad.   What I had been hoping for was a little time with my son Leo during his college break. But instead we ended up on holiday in a war zone.

There had been tension for some time between Georgia and it's ex colonial master, Russia. But when things eventually escalated it was with frightening speed.

My wife Tsira and I awoke one morning to find we were living in a much different world to the one we expected to wake up too, and very different from the one that we had gleaned so much happiness from over the past 10 years.    I turned on the radio to catch some news while I made the coffee.  During the night Georgian troops had entered the break away Georgian region of South Ossetia and were already in control of about 50% of it. The so called Capital Tskhinvarli was under heavy bombardment, and casualties were rolling in.

Really from the Georgian viewpoint there is no South Ossetia, it simply doesn't exist.

The Ossetians came originally from Ossetia in Russia. Some were kicked out of their homeland by the Mongols and fled in part to Georgia. Some were brought down from the North of the region by David Agmashnebeli (The builder) who employed them as soldiers in his army.  Either way the Georgian monarchy let them stay, and in good faith told them, they could keep and maintain their own community in their chosen area.  so it remained until around 1921, when the Soviets arrived.  They created the South Ossetian region (It's real name being Samachablo), and then declared it an independent region. Things remained the same up until Georgian independence in 1991. They then took this opportunity while Georgia was at low ebb to declare themselves an Autonomous Republic thus attempting to separate themselves permanently from Georgia.

As the Russian armed forces inevitably retaliated near panic spread through the whole country. Because of Ossetia's location in the centre of the country many people were cut off from their families. This was because in August the main population is always on holiday on the Black Sea coast, and their homes are in Tbilisi, in the East of Georgia. The main East-West road passes through Gori just a few Km's from the border. This whole area soon became occupied by Russian Tanks and Armored personnel carriers.

Then the bombing started.

Although no bombs were dropped on Tbilisi, at the time we didn’t' know this would be the case.  At night time we often heard MIG's over the city sometimes at quite low level.  Several times we were woken in the night by loud explosions just outside the city, sometimes as close as 5kms from our house.

 One night an airplane factory close to the International airport was leveled.  Gori (Stalin's birthplace) was bombed almost continuously.

 Refugees streamed into Tbilisi from many outlying regions.  As the schools were not in use at this time they were opened as help centres for anyone without shelter.  People from all over the city took whatever they could from their homes to give too these poor people, who were not wealthy before but now only had what they stood in.

Another prime target for the Russians was Poti, which is Georgia's main commercial port on the Black Sea. Troops moved into the town from Abkhazia and successfully barricaded it so it could not be accessed by land or sea. This meant that even when American aid did finally arrive there where no good port facilities to offload the much needed food and medical supplies. And so it has stayed for several weeks, and still is at the time of writing.

We are ready and prepared for conflict to begin again at any time. Many people are convinced this will be the case, and many are preparing to leave the country to bring up their families in a safer climate. 

All original pictures taken by Leo Bewick on “Human Chain Across Georgia” day. On the 1st of Sept 2008.  (This document and pictures are for the sole use of the Wellwise Group)