I have worked for the Wellwise Group for the last 16 months and found them to be the best agency I have ever worked for.

Bernie Murphy
Slickline Supervisor

Wellwise are very quick to respond with any query I may have whether it is invoicing, flight times, location, meet and greet etc etc etc!! I can pick up the phone anytime and get the answer I am looking for.

Gary Duthie
Well Services Supervisor

Wellwise is a part of my life - I have worked with Wellwise since day one and have seen the company grow, as I have grown with them.

Paul Goodwin
Well Test Supervisor

Communication with operational management has become easy with access to them through the most professional, polite and cheery receptionists one possibly could hope to find on the other end of the phone.

Ian Kirkland
Well Test Supervisor

I have worked for the Wellwise Group for the best part of 14 years. I value the support that is always there; I value their friendship and I look forward to the future and what it will offer as Wellwise continues to expand.

Paul A. Goodwin
Well Test Supervisor

One of the main reasons I like working for Wellwise is the support you are given from the office. I receive a full job brief before travelling and they are always on the other end of the phone if you need anything day or night.

Bernard Murphy
Slickline Supervisor

As a consultant to any company, its difficult to grasp the workloads, efforts or agendas of the company, but with Wellwise, one gets the impression of proactivity, not only as a competitor in the agency world but as a company striving for professional respect amongst its clients.

Ian R. Kirkland
Well Test Supervisor

Unlike other agencies we do not post available jobs because of the fast turnover of our business. New jobs are available daily so register with us to ensure you are first to hear of the latest assignments and are ready to travel.

Glenn Durrant
Wellwise Group Operations Manager

I have worked in Africa, Hungary, Poland, Israel, France, Holland, Aberdeen, and locally. These locations provided land work and offshore work, on HPHT gas & oil wells & H2S wells, for a variety of clients including Expro North Sea and Schlumberger.

Mark Cox
Well Test Supervisor

"I have always known about various consultancy agencies (having worked for a Client Company) but Wellwise always stood out."

Melissa Phillip-Sealy
Senior Data Acquisition Engineer

A day in the Life of John Batho in Uganda

Aug 23, 2013, 15:18 PM

It is something everyone has done at sometime before  -  agreeing to go on a job and waiting at home for the phone call!  In my case it was a job off the Ivory Coast and I was waiting to travel to Abidjan.

However the following morning I got a phone call asking me if I would go to Uganda instead.    I was a bit taken aback at first as I had never heard of oil exploration in Uganda, but agreed to go.

The following day I am on the ground at Entebbe airport.   It is early evening and about 30 degC.  I approach immigration with some trepidation, for some reason I start to think of times arriving in Africa in the mid seventies to mid eighties, when the Manager would say “don’t tell them you are there to work, you won’t get in”.  So you say you are on vacation, with an offshore bag and attached hard hat, and they believed you!   Eventually I approach the immigration desk – they ask me in what capacity was I entering the country, and I reply to work for an oil company.   She requested fifty US Dollars and waived me through.   Relief!

Minutes later I am in the baggage hall fighting off the boys who think my bag is far too heavy for me to carry, and offer to help me to my transport.

Outside the heat hits me again and I start looking for someone from the Client carrying a sign with my name on it.  After some misunderstanding of who was to collect me I am eventually

taken over to a minibus and I am the last person they are waiting for!   I apologise for the mix up to the four people waiting.  


We set off towards Kampala in the bus and finish up at a hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria called the Royal Beach Hotel, great, it is definitely five star!  The thing that stands out though is the amount of armed security around the Hotel.  It seems to take forever, as we have to get off the bus and walk past security to the reception with our bags.  Everything we have is examined and scanned before we eventually get to check in.  At reception we check in and we are politely asked not to take any photographs as the whole place is patrolled by armed security.  At this point we are told that this was one of the hotels that could be used by the Commonwealth Heads of State, who were arriving in a few days with their parties for the annual meeting, led by the Queen and members of the Royal Family.

After finding that my room’s electronic door lock was not working, they eventually allocated me with a room which was on a wing closed off  by locking doors and with a resident armed guard!   My room was very Colonial with very expensive furniture and decorations and a Queen size bed. The bathroom was very large, but to me very old fashioned though still luxurious.

Breakfast the next morning was in the grand restaurant overlooking Lake Victoria – very impressive.  It was the largest buffet I had seen with almost everything I could think of on the long silver side table, and a chef ready to cook my eggs in front of me to my instructions.  After breakfast we all checked out and as we did the Duty Manager arrived at reception. We asked him to explain a little of what was going on and he explained that all the security was to do with the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of State meeting in a few days and this hotel was probably the one to be used by Charles and Camilla, in fact, if they came they would probably use the rooms in the wing I had stayed in. There was also a rumour that, as there was an eighteen hole golf course attached to the hotel, Prince Andrew might stay for a few days. We then said goodbye to all this luxury and set off for the airport for the flight down to the shores of Lake Albert where the operation was located.